Medical Industry is out of control!

Posted On June 22nd, 2019 By deepardue

Note: this really has nothing to do with real estate but I just had to get this off my chest!

Why can’t doctor offices, hospitals and other medical providers tell us at the time of the service what the cost for their services are? When I ask (and I always do), they simply say, you just need to pay your co-pay or we will bill you later.  When I ask how much they will bill my insurance company for their services they say they can’t tell me this, that it depends on my health insurance, and they don’t know until they file a claim.   Shouldn’t a consumer be given the cost of their service? Preferably before receiving the service?  I have very few medical issues but the frustration of getting confusing large bills months after the doctor’s visit or procedure with just a note that this is what I owe after they filed the insurance claim just doesn’t seem right.  Why can’t I be told the cost at the time of the service? No other business could do this. I am a Realtor. If I told a seller that the commission would be set at closing after I sell their home depending on how much money I spend, work I have to do or how long it is on the market, etc., they would never sign an agreement with me.  No other business can set fees after the service is performed. Yet the medical services basically maxes out whatever amount the person’s insurance will pay.  Then bill the patient if that still isn’t enough for them.  The patient has no choice but to pay or risk being turned over to a collection agency.  I am very much against government run medical care but allowing our medical costs to continue to be out of control will lead us down the path to government-run medical care. Consumers will be leaning toward anything to get away from our current system.  Time to stop the politicians from padding their pockets with money from medical field lobbyists and fix this very broken system.